Amazing Couple on Epic Overlanding Adventure!

See my story on these guys – set to visit India next year – now on British Asia News

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Touring Berlin by classic Trabant + Illegal Street Art!

What better way to see the iconic city of Berlin in Germany than by Trabi. It’s a place steeped not only in extraordinary modern history culminating the sensational collapse of the Berlin wall, but also art, culture, style, alternative creativity and diverse opportunities.

Berlin by Trabant

On a recent trip there with Cadillac Middle East for the launch of the all-new XT5, we got there a day early and had a chance to tour this vibrant city in an unusual and very cool manner indeed! Click through to watch my video.

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My name is Sheikh, and I am NOT a terrorist

Welcome to America, land of the free... NOT!

I know you have a job to do. I know it’s part of your job description to be a dour-faced, humourless uniform. But I don’t have to like you. Especially not after you stop me and give me the third degree, for no apparent reason. And me in particular. Why me? Do I LOOK like a bloody terrorist?

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