Coronavirus could cut Car-related Deaths

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 02042020 #BCGDaily

In this video I try to work out how many lives could be saved by the reduction in car use around the world due to the lockdown. It’s pretty staggering, but potentially there are lot more lives that will be saved due to another side-effect of the lockdown. Could they actually outweigh the tragic loss of lives the pandemic is causing? It might need better mathmaticians / statisticians / research analysts than me to figure it out though.

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We’ll all be driving Geelys Soon! Here’s why

Geely means lucky and it is for Volvo, LEVC and Lotus – #BCGDaily 31032020

March 28th this year (2020) saw the 10th anniversary of Geely’s acquisition of storied Swedish car maker, Volvo. It bought the brand from Ford in 2010 for $1.8bn. The Chinese firm Geely, which itself was established in 1986 and only got into Automotive towards the end of the last century in 1997, then left Volvo to get on and do what it does best – build amazingly practical, solid and safe automobiles.

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Suzuki stories | Brown Car Guy 12032020

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 12032020 #BCGDaily

My features ‘7 Best Suzukis Ever made’ was recently posted on DriveTribe – link below – here are my greatest memories of Suzukis since I started out in motoring journalist. Includes Alto, Swift, Vitara and Jimny.

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Brown Car Guy: Car of the Decade 2010s

Here’s my personal favourite from each year of the last decade and best overall car of 2010-2019

Looking back through all the multitude of many motors I’ve tested, reviewed and written about in the last decade, here the cars that stood out for me personally as the most memorable drives and/or the cars I would have! By the way – the years are when the cars were introduced, not necessarily when I drove them, which might have been much later in some cases.

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RIP Friend and Colleague Raj Warrior

Tearful and sad to wake up to the news today that we’ve lost one of our own – a dear friend, highly respected colleague, and a tremendously inspiring individual – the great Raj Warrior. Just like in this pic, my abiding memory of him will be that he was always smiling, never ever complained and remained positive no matter what. And of course such an awesome name, one that reflected his quiet composed determination to take on all odds and overcome them. A true gent, a proper car journo, and always hilarious company. Can’t believe he’s gone. Rest in peace my friend – hope you found light at the end of that wet tunnel, sorry I couldn’t be with you through this one – an in-joke, but he’ll get it, I know he will.