Pursue the Intangible via the Incomprehensible to the Immeasurable

‘Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.’ Albert Einstein.

He was so right. Now more than ever. Here’s a rambling rant proffering reasons why.

Not everything that counts

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Grenfell Tower – Horror and Hope

Heartbroken for the victims of Grenfell Tower in London, I’m shocked and appalled at the tragic loss of life, yet consoled by the emerging empathy – it gives us all hope

Grenfell Tower

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The-last-sane-person-in-the-Asylum sort of day…

I’m sad, and more than a little personally gutted as something of a Trekker, to concede that the utopia dreamt up by Gene Roddenberry in the Star Trek universe will never come to be. This is not because Einstein killed the Warp Drive, or because we’ll all end up as scrambled molecules after ill-advised mass Transporter experiments.


It’s simply because the easiest of all the advancements depicted in Star Trek is beyond our grasp. That of course being ‘human evolution’. I’m not referring to the disappointment of not growing an extra pair of eyes in the back of our heads, or developing telepathic abilities, nor even sporting cybernetic implants and robotic limbs.

I mean sociological, conscientious and cultural evolution.

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