My stories in Top Three on British Asia News today!

My Motoring stories are top three most viewed on the news site today!

Wow – delighted to have the top three most viewed stories today on today – click the link to see the motoring section. Must be some kind of a record on this massive news website considering the sheer volume of content and traffic it generates across the platform. Nice!

Suzuki Jimny Vs Honda Insight – the most unlikely comparo ever!

Here are two cars that share a lot in common… similar colour and er… they’re both Japanese

A bit of fun with my friends over at Planet Auto – when we met up at the British Motor Show press event, we realised we had similarly vibrant cars!


Throwback Thursday – Bentley Boy!

Sitting in Bentley Conti R at the British Motor Show

#ThrowBackThursday – been thinking about Motor Shows and how I loved them so much, memorable moments like this certainly contributed. Checking out, and sitting in (!) the Bentley Continental R sometime in the 1990s at the British Motor Show. Read my new British Motor Show coverage in my previous post here! More like this #SSMemoirs

The British Motor Show – everything I want from a car show

It’s like they read my mind!

As I sat listening during the press conference announcing the re-launch and effective re-imagining of the British Motor Show, I had a strong sense of déjà vu.

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