Last Exit Mad X – Fury Road at Food Truck Park

Check out my pictures from this amazing Food Truck Park on the edge of Dubai.

Last Exit Mad X - Fury Road at Food Truck Park

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We need an Alien Invasion

We’re all at each other’s throats and even Mother Earth’s under threat too. Only the Aliens can save us now, kinda. Do your worst ET. I beg you!

We need an alien invasion

The last time we had a World War – that would be number II – we lost an estimated 80 million people, including around 50 million civilians, most of those on the ‘Good’ side. To put that into perspective the entire population of the country that I live in at the moment, the UAE, is less than 10 million.

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The Measurement of Nonsense

Can you really just make up a whole new measurement – like Nissan has with Desert Camel Power?


From MotoringMiddleEast

Behold! You lot are in for a very special treat. Remember this moment, for in years to come, your children and grandchildren will ask you – do you remember when SPH was created?

The what?! What the heck is SPH?

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Touring Berlin by classic Trabant + Illegal Street Art!

What better way to see the iconic city of Berlin in Germany than by Trabi. It’s a place steeped not only in extraordinary modern history culminating the sensational collapse of the Berlin wall, but also art, culture, style, alternative creativity and diverse opportunities.

Berlin by Trabant

On a recent trip there with Cadillac Middle East for the launch of the all-new XT5, we got there a day early and had a chance to tour this vibrant city in an unusual and very cool manner indeed! Click through to watch my video.

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The pigeon that thought it was a car

We’ve all looked longingly at birds in flight and wished we could soar free from the constraints of this Earthbound fate, swooping and levelling, twirling and revelling, flying high and diving low, but what about the other way around?

The pigeon that thought it was a car

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