Feature – London’s Rickshawallas for The National

Check out my special feature on the London pedicabs now on The National Abu Dhabi

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Vlogs 2018 Wrangler Media Drive

Was invited to Austria about a week ago to drive the all-new Wrangler

Click continue reading to watch my IGTV VLOGs and the actual video review of the car featuring a bit of Dubsmash. And hope you like this photo I took too:

Jeep Wrangler JL

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Touring Berlin by classic Trabant + Illegal Street Art!

What better way to see the iconic city of Berlin in Germany than by Trabi. It’s a place steeped not only in extraordinary modern history culminating the sensational collapse of the Berlin wall, but also art, culture, style, alternative creativity and diverse opportunities.

Berlin by Trabant

On a recent trip there with Cadillac Middle East for the launch of the all-new XT5, we got there a day early and had a chance to tour this vibrant city in an unusual and very cool manner indeed! Click through to watch my video.

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Robbing a train, Wadi Rum, Taking Aqaba!

Read about my epic road with Ford across Jordan!

Road trip Jordan

For motoring journalists, most of our life is spent slogging behind computer screens churning out content for our readers – and very little of it (despite what people think) involves sensational road trips involving cool cars. However every now and then a terrific opportunity comes up to do exactly that, and that’s what we have for you in this video.

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