What happened when I drove an Audi A4 to the end of the A4

Check our my review and video of the Audi A4 35 TFSI


Honda Civic Type R Review

What exactly makes Honda’s feistiest Civic the best hot hatch in the world?

When it came to Hondas, Type R used to mean screaming highly-strung motors, super tight shocks to keep the car flat (and chiropractors in business), and a raw lightness more redolent of a tin-top racer for the track than a sportscar for B-roads. Type R also meant the most exciting, capable and engaging versions of ordinary cars ever offered for sale.

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Review: Fiat 500X 3cyl Manual

Most of us are cute when we’re babies. And then we grow up.

However some fortunate few manage to retain that adorability even as they mature. In the car world, that’s the 500X. If every time you happen upon a Fiat 500 you just want to pick it up and cuddle it, then you’ll like its bigger brother, the 500X. Okay, you may not want to pick it up – it looks firmly within its puppy-fat phase – but you’ll want to pull its cheeks (fenders) and pat it on the head (roof).

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Honda HR-V Sport Review – compact SUV with magic rear seats

Check out the practicality and magic seats on the HR-V!

We all love the Honda CR-V, so much so that it’s the world’s fifth best-selling car! I’ve owned one myself. It has however grown bigger and pricier over the years. What if you want the image, reliability and build quality of the Honda marque, but need something a little more compact, but no less usable? The answer is easy and presents itself on this page – the Honda HR-V.

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