3 Reasons Splashing Pedestrians could be a Disaster for You! | Brown Car Guy 09032020

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 09032020 #BCGDaily

We’ve had record levels of rain here in the UK in February. A friend just sent me this video of two pedestrians getting mercilessly and continuously splashed by passing vehicles (see it below). Here’s why splashing pedestrians could be a disaster for you! An expensive and painful one!

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Geneva Motor Show 2020 was the best motor show that never was | Brown Car Guy 05032020

Now we know how much amazing new metal was due to be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show

I’ve been flat out trying to keep up with, and failing to do so, all the news coming out of the Geneva Motor Show this year – except it wasn’t because the show was cancelled. Which is even sadder now that we realise how many new products and concepts were being introduced by main manufacturers alone, never mind smaller companies. Here I run through some of them. Also see my coverage on BritishAsiaNews.com

2020 VW Golf GTI is a bit rubbish isn’t it? | Brown Car Guy 02032020

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 02032020 Golf GTI #BCGDaily

What do you think of the new Mk8 Volkswagen Golf GTI? Is it going to be a hit or a miss. Going back back historically, it doesn’t bode well – I’ll tell you why in this video. Plus all the info on the latest GTI.

A third of drivers clueless about the tech on their cars | Brown Car Guy 25022020

The avalanche of gadgets and gismos in modern motors is leaving owners flummoxed

According a study carried out by the reborn British Motor Show (click here to read all about it), which returns this August, more than a third (35%) of car owners don’t understand the technological features in their cars, and hence don’t use them. And it’s not entirely their fault – over 70% reveal that the features were not properly explained by the salespeople that sold them the car (probably because they didn’t know either!).

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Indian & Pakistani Dramas – why are the cars blanked out?

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 23022020 #BCGDaily

Why are car badges and names digitally hidden in Indian and Pakistani dramas and TV serials? Having had a short break from BCG Daily due to all the London Classic Car Show content, and whilst out shooting the review of the Isuzu D-Max XTR, my thoughts turned to something that bothered me last night at my mother’s place as she was watching Asian drama serials on TV. There’s a new trend of them blanking out the car manufacturer names and badges from the cars featured in the drama shows. Why?!

Save the World, Don’t Ban Cars! | Brown Car Guy 18022020

Latest Brown Car Guy Update 18022020 #BCGDaily

My feature on DriveTribe.com about why the UK’s 2035 ban on sales of diesel, petrol and
hybrid cars is wrong, has sparked a lot of discussion for and against. Please click here to go there and get involved!