I’m still writing car reviews, here’s why you should still read them!

There’s a very compelling reason you actually should continue to read my car reviews, and you’ll barely believe it. I reveal it here.

Somebody asked me do you still write car reviews? Duh! Of course I do. You can find them right at this link, in fact I’ve just recently added a bunch and there are more to come http://www.motoringme.com/reviews/

My review of the Range Rover 2018 models

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Secret to success when the market is down

How can you succeed when every else is down in the dumps?

The automotive market in the United Arab Emirates has been pretty depressed over the last few years, and 2018 has been particularly bad so far. Most manufacturers have been pretty candid about how dismal things are for them. Except one. Nissan Middle East.

Nissan Middle East boss Juergen Schmitz

Nissan’s secret sauce for success was revealed to me by MD Juergen Schmitz. Click over now to watch my video revelation on how Nissan Middle East is not only bullish and confident, but has actually registered growth and sales increase in a market that is over 30% down.

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I’m into IGTV – are you?

Who’s on IGTV?

I’ve started VLOGing on IGTV. I don’t know if this latest offering from Instagram is going to be successful, take-up seems slow, but this form seems a suitable platform for putting up occasional video diaries.

Let me know what you think. Meantime click through to view the rest of my IGTV VLOGs so far, which I’ve reposted onto YouTube. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram – see the feed on the right of this page, or find me there @shahzadsheikh (Brown Car Guy).

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SRT in London: Mind the China, Dear.

What’s the most out-of-place thing, in an out-of-place place, you can out-of-place? Well in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. A lot of pounds!

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT in London

Minding our own business, we were just crossing the road one dark night, me and the fam. The Green Cross Man merrily blinked on and beckoned, and the bus had come to a complete halt beside us. The road was empty otherwise.

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Influencer Marketing: You’re talking to the wrong people!

Last week I attended the inaugural Marcomms 360 conference put on by Campaign Middle East in Dubai – an excellent event that was fascinating, insightful and relevant. However there was one thing that left me rather depressed at the end of it.

Gen X The Real Influencers

No one wants to talk to me.

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The Future’s not what it turned out to be

Whilst we wait for big babies to blow up the world and the Earth’s crust to eat itself, maybe we should wrench ourselves away from our Facebook feeds for one last go at fixing things.

The future's not what it turned out to be

I’m pissed off at the future! Not the future that is to come, but the future that was to be. The one we’ve actually ended up with today.

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