Loving the Blues at the Regent Street Motor Show 2019!

Motors, Music, fancy dress and the weather

Rain, cold and blustery wind – that was the forecast the night before and the next morning – and I don’t do brollies. Very nearly put off, I corralled my resolve and went anyway, and I’m so glad I did.

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Music To Motor To – My Playslist on DriveTribe.com

25 Essential Classic Hits I compiled for a DriveTribe feature

Click here to read and see the full list of songs! Add you own choices in the comments there!

Piss off 2016. You sucked balls.

Oh. My. God. What an effed-up year this has been. Goodbye and good riddance. #FU2016 as John Oliver said. He was right, this year was a bad vintage, it drove us stir crazy – just get outta my sight already.


But hang on, dead or alive, we’d better spin round and discuss it a little, or the rest of this page will be entirely blankety blank. Along the way, I’ve got to sneak in some tributes to happenings and people sadly departed this year.

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My kids’ cover version of Stitches by Shawn Mendes

Here’s my kids’ first YouTube video and their cover version of a song called ‘Stitches’ by some kid called Shawn Mendes who is actually old enough to be driving a Camaro around, but doesn’t appear able to walk very far in a straight line without falling over