Grateful for Birthday well-wishers!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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RIP Friend and Colleague Raj Warrior

Tearful and sad to wake up to the news today that we’ve lost one of our own – a dear friend, highly respected colleague, and a tremendously inspiring individual – the great Raj Warrior. Just like in this pic, my abiding memory of him will be that he was always smiling, never ever complained and remained positive no matter what. And of course such an awesome name, one that reflected his quiet composed determination to take on all odds and overcome them. A true gent, a proper car journo, and always hilarious company. Can’t believe he’s gone. Rest in peace my friend – hope you found light at the end of that wet tunnel, sorry I couldn’t be with you through this one – an in-joke, but he’ll get it, I know he will.

FlashBackFriday to when I first drove a Civic Type-R

As I’m testing the current Honda Civic Type-R here’s the pants-soiling story of when I first drove one!

#FlashBackFriday to the first time I drove a Type-R – it was at the UK launch of the EP3 Civic Type-R in 2001 on the Isle of Man, where we got to thrash it on the TT Course with the roads closed off just for us, and Police Honda Accord Type-R sweep cars – although perhaps not quite ‘closed’ enough!

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Brown Car Guy – Podcast 4

Check out my latest podcast episode

  • What do I really think of the Suzuki Vitara with a 3-cylinder engine.
  • First thoughts on Subaru Forester, Toyota Aygo and Fiat Abarth 595.
  • Shooting a classic BMW with a classic Yashica.
  • Loving the the Concours of Elegance at Hampton.
  • How to be a journalist – my top tips.
  • Writing about Rickshaws – the London pedicabs
  • My definitive thoughts on the new Land Rover Defender

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The Right Stuff – Ford Mustang in the UAE

In the 55th year of Mustang, I’m reminded of a feature I did on the 50th anniversary

This year marks the 55th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, and I’m reminded of a feature I did for Motoring Middle East on the 50th anniversary – featuring an 1965 Ford Mustang owned by the lead pilot of the UAE aerobatic team! The full version was published on 27 April 2014:

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