IG Questions – Ask Me Anything!

Had fun with the new Questions feature on Instagram Stories

Click over to see my responses to questions.

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Shooting for TV

Scorching heat, grueling hours and one fatality. What it takes to film for TV

TV may not have quite the cache it used to, but everyone would still like to be on the small screen if they could. But unlike say, YouTube videos, which can be knocked out on your phone and uploaded minutes later – a bit like my behind-the-scenes VLOG from yesterday below – filming for TV takes a ridiculous amount of effort and work.

Click through to watch my behind-the-scenes video.

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I’ve been on the radio for over six years!

Surprised to realise that we’ve been on the radio for over six years

A couple of weeks ago, we did our last ever live radio show for James Piecowye on Dubai Eye 103.8FM for his CarTalk show and Nightline series of programmes.

We also participated in his last ever show in which he invited back many of his other guests, previous guests and former as well as current colleagues.

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My Showreels!

Check out my showreels – I’m really talented you know, even if I do say so myself! LOL

So since I’ve been quite a bit of video, TV, and live presenting/EmCeeing work lately, I created some video showreels. This is a compilation of stuff from just the last five years.

Click next to watch the showreels.

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Appearing in an ADNOC video

How to fill up at a self-serve pump – I was in an instructional video!

Earlier this year I was honoured to be asked to appear as one of several personalities in an ADNOC instructional and promotional video to introduce customers to its new self-serve pumps which have just now come online.

Here’s the video. Click next to watch my own behind-the-scenes video!

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I’m on TV – presenting a car show!

Delighted to on The Autocrats Middle East TV show now airing on FOX MENA Network channels

Finally made it to mainstream television! I’m honoured to the lead presenter of a new car show on FOX MENA Network TV channels across the region.

It’s one of those filler shows so it gets aired between other shows and as such gets repeated airings. In fact each episode gets over 100 airings. Click next to watch them.

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I’m still writing car reviews, here’s why you should still read them!

There’s a very compelling reason you actually should continue to read my car reviews, and you’ll barely believe it. I reveal it here.

Somebody asked me do you still write car reviews? Duh! Of course I do. You can find them right at this link, in fact I’ve just recently added a bunch and there are more to come http://www.motoringme.com/reviews/

My review of the Range Rover 2018 models

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