Vote for the kids!

When you hold that ballet paper in your hand, stop and think, not about yourself, but about our kids.

Vote for the kids

We should all vote if we can, but it’s time to stop voting for our own selfish reasons and spurious loyalties, and instead to vote for the benefit of the country, it’s people and particularly, the young people. Because quite simply, our future is invested in them.

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Let’s Jam – An Asian James Bond!

In the mid 90s I did some comic-book script writing and created some characters and stories that actually made it into print – well, Small Press Print as it was known – with the help of a couple of fantastic artists.

Let's Jam

Click over to flick through the comic book now!

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Video – 50 Years of Camaro: 1980s!

Here I am going back to my favourite of all the decades I’ve lived – the 1980s. I go for the Miami Vice look and drive an 1988 Camaro in this special Motoring Middle East video series celebrating 50 Years of the Camaro.

50 Years of Camaro - 1980s
Getting Totally Amped!

We look at the years that gave us the best in music, film and television shows, and brought new hope and optimism to the world – something we could really do with right now. Click through to watch the video.

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