MC for AkzoNobel corporate event

Last week I was honoured to be asked to host a gala event by international paints company, AkzoNobel, for the launch of its paint brand Sikkens, at the Five Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

MC for AkzoNobel

It was attended by industry execs from around the region as well as Dubai Government officials. In addition to Sikkens, they showcased a gadget that can distinguish between and replicate between 2 million colours and a digital workshop workflow system for bodyshops.

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Welcome Ramadan 2017 – be gentle, be loving, be peaceful

Reposting this from last year. It all still applies just the same.

Words from a Restless Mind

I wish you all the blessings of this holiest of months, whether you fast or not. Here’s why, despite media perceptions, this should be a month of peace and love.

For those of us fasting – here we go again.

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My favourite photos of 2017

Looking back at what I thought were my best pics of the year

Lancia Flaminio at Gulf Concours

Two pics from the 2017 Gulf Concours at the Burj Al Arab in December. The above Lancia Flaminio, because I love the way this composition and the colours worked out. And below…

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20 Love Quotes for 20th Anniversary on 20th

Shaadi Ki Bees Sal Baad…

Happy 20th Anniversary

Remember in the old Bollywood movies from the 70s and 80s, there was always that ‘Bees Sal Baad’ edit where suddenly everything in the movie would change? Everyone would be older or all grown up. The characters would have different lives, the very mood of the movie would change.

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SRT in London: Mind the China, Dear.

What’s the most out-of-place thing, in an out-of-place place, you can out-of-place? Well in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. A lot of pounds!

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT in London

Minding our own business, we were just crossing the road one dark night, me and the fam. The Green Cross Man merrily blinked on and beckoned, and the bus had come to a complete halt beside us. The road was empty otherwise.

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